Just veggin’

Not a terribly exciting weekend – but a good one, nonetheless.  Filled with good food, lots of veggies, and random explorations, as always.

Saturday entailed reading pages upon pages about derivatives – futures, forwards, options, swaps, this and that.  Pricing and payoffs.  Risk and value.  Hopefully I’m retaining some of this information!

For dinner, we tried a new veggie – Swiss chard.  The coloring of the Swiss chard was gorgeous – dark green leaves, pinkish to bright red stems.  With a little garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper (I believe that is my combination du jour these days), the result is quite delicious.  Perhaps a little too salty on this one try, but we fixed that by making some eggs on the side.  Surprisingly good combination!

Today – I walked from the Upper East Side down to Bowery.  Around 23rd St., I encountered a marching band crossing the street.  While marching.  And banding.  In formation.  Those moments reminded me why I love New York.  Where else would 30 taxis be waiting patiently for a marching band to cross the street?

Upon walking past Armani Exchange, a “Sale!” sign caught my eye.  Perhaps because I was procrastinating studying, I decided to go in.  After trying on a few dresses, I picked up a little bright pink number.  Now if only the weather would be more amenable…

Then it was down to Whole Foods, where I believe 0.53 of New Yorkers congregate at any given time.  (Not really…but it’s so packed!)  Read about puts and calls – yippee!  Snacked on a blood orange imported from Italy (couldn’t taste the difference between those uncultured blood oranges from … where else do blood oranges come from?).  Next – Soho to meet J, who had a giant meringue and chocolate almond croissant (from Ceci-Cela) in hand.  =D

Random walking up and down and across streets, followed by a brief detour to Chinatown to pick up a few groceries (including the shrimp and fish balls that made an appearance in tonight’s dinner).  Up a few more blocks to Whole Foods (TURKISH APRICOTS) and then back home.

Monday’s arriving all too soon.


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