T. To. Tof. Tofu.

Mondays.  Waking up this morning was tough – I’m not even sure I heard the alarm.  On the train back to New Haven, the girl sitting next to me pulled out her (Level 2) CFA book and asked if I had a pen.  (I didn’t.)  Tried to do some reading on the ride, but ended up napping for a bit instead.

Bruegger’s had green bagels this morning.  Bright.  Green.  I’m not sure how I would feel eating one of those.  Probably not too right.

Then it was work work work.  Lunch break was yummy – spinach, rotisserie chicken, and a bit of rice.  Then it was more work work work.

I knew I had to cook my tofu tonight – it’s been sitting in my fridge for nearly a month.  Though it doesn’t expire until March 29, I think anything that’s been sitting in my fridge for that long needs to be taken care of.  Simmered the tofu in a mix of water and soy sauce and sa cha jiang for … well, for however long I dry-Swiffered my apartment.  Then I took the tofu out and threw in a bag of frozen broccoli, and proceeded to let that cook for…however long I wet-Swiffered my apartment.  Hurray for Swiffers!  And by the time my floors were clean, my dinner was done.  Double-hurray!  I did throw the tofu back into the pan to party with the broccoli for awhile.  I set aside some tofu and broc, packing it for lunch.  Only to realize while I was eating that I don’t need to bring lunch tomorrow.  Lunch meeting!

And then I…read See-fuh.  Security market line and capital asset pricing model.  Risk!  Standard deviation! Return! Gah!

I think I’ll stare at these pictures instead:

Their bottoms must be burning. Ouch.


Ice cream?


Isn't this the most adorable container?


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