Since my Zipcar credit was to expire yesterday, we decided to rent a car for a trip to…*drum roll*…Costco! I think Costcos in New York (or at least, the one in LIC) are fifteen gazillion times crazier than Costcos elsewhere. The one in Houston is so calm…and spacious. And I feel like people here stuff their carts to the brim – I didn’t see a single person with a half-empty cart. In fact, I think most people were trying to figure out how to stack their items to attain maximum cart capacity. Thus – craziness. But we made it in and out in an hour, and got back with time to spare.

Gigantic scallops – pan seared with a teensy bit of butter, and salt and pepper was the star of dinner. Though the spinach was a fantastic supporting actor. More like a supporting actor that tried to upstage the star. In a moment of sheer genius, I decided to throw the spinach in the pan that we had used to sear the scallops and had the delicious coating of brown bits on the bottom. No waste! (pictures to come)

And then we watched The Warlords.

Interesting movie, although I’m still not certain what the plot was.  Lots of blood and random body parts flying around.  I should watch Red Cliff.


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