Fifties and sunny

Fantastic weather today – I managed to get by with only a hoodie.

Since the 7 train was still down (grrrr…), we took the shuttle up to Queensboro Plaza, then walked across the Queensboro bridge.  That makes two bridges in one weekend.

The bridge took us right above Roosevelt Island and then to 60th Street.  Walked right past Serendipity’s, but stopped in Dylan’s Candy Bar.  Massive craziness inside that store.   Revisited Banana Republic (and actually picked up a shirt this time), and then a slice of pizza from Mariella’s (good, but not mindblowing – the cheese was super stringy though!).  After a brief meander through Central Park (still no signs of green; in fact, the pond is still iced over), we stopped in Columbus Circle.  First picked up a key lime truffle from Godiva (thanks to the Godiva Rewards program – free truffle every month!), and then up to JCrew and down to Whole Foods.  Unfortunately, the line stretched all the way to the entrance of the store (reminder to self: WF on Sunday afternoons – not a good idea), so we left.

Dinner tonight equals spinach and steak.  Medium rare, thank you very much.  Now happily enjoying the rest of my weekend.  Ah, they always pass too quickly.

Oh!  I have also been enjoying this new toy.

This thing is amazing.  Easy to use, and makes very fizzy water.  A splash of lemon, and the result is divine.

And finally, is this not the best card ever?

(on the inside) Cuz I stole it.


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