Hurray for a synthetic long weekend!

And double hurray for a long weekend filled with wonderful eats!


  • Red Mango

  • Union Square farmers market for apple cider donuts and hot cross buns

  • Coldstone – cake batter ice cream and oreos, though I (re)discovered that I don’t particularly like Coldstone ice cream.  It’s a little bit too sweet for me (I know – I never knew that I could characterize anything as being “too sweet for me.”)

  • Then Chinatown for some pork…
  • And finally across the Brooklyn bridge to get to Almondine.  Too bad they were out of their French baguettes – I love those baguettes.  Instead, we tried their Almondine baguette, which is a blend of whole wheat and white flour.  Still quite good – Almondine just makes good bread.  Period.  We also got this gimongous meringue.  It was nearly as big as my head.


  • Union Square farmers market again – I wish veggies would come back.  All we picked up this time were apples.
  • Multiple stops at Banana Republic, but never ended up getting anything
  • 16 Handles for more frozen yogurt.  Self-serve frozen yogurt is the best idea ever.  Red velvet, cheesecake, peanut butter, coffee, original tart, eurotart…all topped with some mochi bits, cheesecake bits, and cookie dough pieces.  Yum?

  • Then onwards to Soho (Sephora and another Banana Republic) and Whole Foods.
  • …and back to the apartment.

Lastly, a few pictures from last Sunday:

  • A homemade burger (it was every bit as delicious as it looked):
  • And bananananana bread!


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