Car rentals are stressful…

…but they allow me to drive to Whole Foods, where I picked up:

  • Five pounds of navel oranges (Yum!)
  • TURKISH APRICOT (I filled an entire medium-sized plastic tub this time.  These things are so delicious – so sweet, tender, flavorful.)
  • Quart of milk
  • Yves Good Dogs (Yeah, they’re not hot dogs.  If I wanted hot dogs, I would just buy real hot dogs.  But – call me strange – I like these non-hot dog hot dogs.)
  • Carrots (I miss having barrels of carrots to pick from at the farmer’s markets during the summer.

And then down the road to Trader Joes, where these goodies were found:

  • Four pounds of broccoli
  • One bag of frozen edamame
  • Four apples
  • Peanut butter filled pretzels

  • LOTS of cottage cheese
  • And this baby:

Cooked up broccoli for dinner – garlic and soy sauce really do make an amazing duo.  Threw a sliced veggie dog right into the mix.  I was a little dubious of what the result might taste like, but it was quite tasty.

As for the peanut butter pretzels, they’re good, but not earth shattering.  I would like a heartier pretzel.  What can I say?  I love my pretzels (read: carbs).

Also, the day was quite sunny!  I can feel spring coming…I can just feel it.  Hurry up spring!


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