Mushy gushy…shrimp dumplings!

Post breakfast/lunch/brunch, a journey up Prospect and down Whitney was made.  Toes were frozen, but twas ok, because oranges were gotten and memories made.

Ok, enough with the rhymes.  Hurray for juicy naval oranges though!  7 have been consumed in the span of 2 days.

Then it was time to work on the shrimp dumplings.  We chopped up the shrimp that we had begun defrosting this morning, and put them into a mixture of bamboo shoots, egg white, and other ingredients.

The wrapper was made from a mix of tapioca starch and wheat starch…and corn starch, because someone accidentally made it too sticky.  It was an adventure rolling out the dough into little circles.  Truly an adventure because it wouldn’t detach from our fingers initially…and then refused to roll into circles.  But we refused to surrender, and victory was our with 15 plump (but hardly perfectly shaped) dumplings.  Laid on top of a bed of napa leaves and steamed for 15 minutes, the dumplings became mushy and gushy and full of shrimp deliciousness.

While in the steamer, the dumplings and the napa bonded.  Unbreakable bond, really, as the napa insisted on sticking to the bottom of the dumplings.  And if we dared try to remove the napa, the bottom of the dumpling came off.  Nothing was lost though, as we simply ate the dumpling with the napa in one bite (or several, these were huge dumplings).

The remainder of the box of lemon wafers served as dessert.  That and the last of a pint of Haagen Daas Strawberry ice cream.  I discovered that the ice cream becomes much tastier if you first let it melt a bit.  I love circling my spoon around the edge of the container to catch the not yet liquid, no longer solid bits.  =D


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