A lovely day

After the fluffy, sweet beginning to the morning, we took the bus (public transportation dot dot dot) to Connecticut Post Mall.  Approximately 50% of our time was spent wandering the aisles of Target.  Oh Target, how I miss thee.  Picked up some snacks, then journeyed over to Panera to get a loaf of bread.  A loaf of sourdough it was today, and for the first time, we managed to get the bread home intact.  Most of the time, the loaf (yes, an entire loaf) is half gone by the time we get home.  Instead, we snacked on some Archer Farms Petite Lemon Butter Wafer Cookies.  Miniature rounds of lemony goodness.  Just sweet enough, just buttery enough to make you want to reach for another one.  And another.  The slight sprinkling of sugar on top is a nice touch.

Tonight’s dinner menu involved Archer Farms as well, come to think of it.  Their Patagonian scallops cooked with cauliflower, garlic, and scallions made for a wonderful meal.  Quick and easy to make too!  While the scallops cooked, the bread was reheated in the oven.  Once again, less than 1/4 of the loaf remains.  The cauliflower and scallops were scrumptious.  Tender and … scallop-y.

And then we walked to the theater to watch An Education.  Lovely movie.  I wish I were French, or spoke with a British accent.  Also, reminder to self: find a dress like Carey Mulligan’s in the Paris scenes… Second reminder: make it to Paris soon.  I’m glad we watched this instead of Valentine’s Day.

Headed back home and caught up on How I Met Your Mother…and snacked on sour cream and onion Goldfish (goooone goldfishing!), Smuttynose Robust Porter (quite good), and a few more lemon cookies.

All in all – a lovely day.


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