Butter > cold

Cold weekend – but we still made it out to explore.

Grandaisy Bakery in Soho first.  $15 dollars of bread and pastries for $7, thanks to a Groupon.  We had such a hard time choosing though, everything looked delicious.  After staring at all the offerings for a good 15 minutes, we settled on a piece of mushroom pizza, a croissant, a slice of bread pudding, and a little snail-shaped pastry.  Oh, and a loaf of Pugliese.  The first four items were demolished on the spot (with the exception of one bite of the bread pudding…with which I nearly caused an explosion in the microwave later in the evening), and the Pugliese disappeared by noon today.  Loved the crust and crumb of the bread – and all the better with some Organic Valley butter!

Today marked an excursion into Polishtown, with Peter Pan bakery being the final destination.  Not many varieties were left by the time of our arrival, although that was probably for the better.  Too many options equals mental explosion (of a different variety than the bread pudding explosion).  We chose a dark-hued donut, expecting it to resemble a chocolate donut.  When broken in half, though, the loveliest red color emerged.  We had gotten a red velvet donut!  The glaze was delicious – thick, but not too thick, and just sweet enough to balance the donut, which was fluffy and light and diverted our thoughts from the cold for the duration of the walk back across the Pulaski bridge.


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